Merge Video: Steps to merge videos with Wondershare video converter ultimate


Wondershare video converter ultimate will support many video formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, and MKV. The software can also replace or add the audio within the videos you are merging, without the need for an extra Codec. This software will allow you record your own voice-over, and then add it to the original video downloaded. The steps involved in the merging of videos with the Wondershare video converter ultimate software are as follows:

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  • Step 1: Import the downloaded video and audio files

    The simplistic user interface of Wondershare video converter ultimate will allow you drag and drop videos unto an item tray. All you need to do is click the “Import” button and it will bring out a “Load” option and you can use this to load as many videos as possible. You wouldn’t struggle with loading videos because this feature supports videos in many formats.

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  • Step 2: Merge the videos and audio files

    After importing all the videos to your Wondershare video converter ultimate item tray, simply drag all the video files unto the Video timeline. Once completed, simply rearrange the videos in their order and then preview them. You need to preview the files to be sure that you have the right files. If the video contents need editing, then you can simply double-click on the file-this will pop up a video editing panel and with this feature, you can perform a number of tasks( for instance, you can increase or reduce the speed of the video adjust the volume , tune in the pitch or fade in or out the contents.

    If you plan on replacing the original audio track of the video, simply right-click on the plane and you will have access to some features, including (Cut, copy, edit, mute, audio detach, audio enhance, power tool, flash and hold, and delete). To replace the original audio track, simply click on “Audio Detach” . The audio track that has just been detached will appear immediately on the Audio Timeline, you can then delete this audio track by hitting delete on your keyboard and thereafter ad your own. You can look up the “Record” option and use this to make a recording of your own voice.

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  • Step 3: Merge your videos by simple drag and drop process

    Simply drag and drop your video files into a single video column and the merged videos will be created seamlessly. You can also use the “Play” button located at the right side of the screen to play the files right away. It is advisable to drag the MOV files one after the order to ensure that they are orderly arranged. Make sure you don’t drag one file on top of the other, if you do, you may end up splitting the first file.

  • merge video

  • Step 4: Export your videos

    Since Wondershare video converter ultimate creates an automatic merging for videos, you will discover that a new “Output “plane has been created. Simply hit the “Create” option from the new plane to export your videos and then choose the option of format for which you want to save the video files (you can choose as many formats as possible). You can also save the files in your iPhone, iPad or even upload them on YouTube or burn them to a DVD.


    Merge Video: Alternative software to merge videos

    There are quite a number of other alternative software for Wondershare video converter ultimate, these include;

    -Format factory
    -Video Toolbox
    -HJSplit, and

    Merge Video: Format Factory


    Format factory is one of the most convenient video converter software around, it is a multi-functional video converter that supports the conversion of Videos, audios, and even pictures.

    • Converts and merge all video files into diverse formats, including; MP4, AVI, MPG, VWM, and FLV.
    • It can rip files from DVD into video files.
    • Files can support devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, and PSP. It also supports options such as RMVB, and AV Mux.
    Simple steps to download videos

    Downloading and merging videos from Format factory is simple and straightforward. Simply download the software and then upload the videos already downloaded. With a one-stop import, simply merge the videos and then merge the videos through a drag and drop step before exporting the videos unto your device.

    • It supports the conversion of diverse formats of video, audio and pictures.
    • It can repair damaged video and audio files.
    • Can be used in reducing file sizes.
    • It supports up to 69 different languages.
    • There are not much cons except the fact that its conversion speed is not as fast as some other top-end video merger and converter software.
    • Format factory
    • "The user interface of this software is very simple to use" – Tony, United States (CNET REVIEWS)
    • "I have been using the free trial offer of this software for a long time now and it is simply awesome" – Maria , Rome, Italy (tech.com reviews).
    • "I can’t count how many videos I have downloaded, merged and converted with this software. I will definitely continue using it".
    Download link



    Merge Video: MediaJoin


    MediaJoin is one of the best free and multi-functional tool or software that supports different multi-media conversions.

    • The software works for most formats of videos, including; MP4, AVI, MPG, AND FLV.
    • It works for various audio file formats such as MP3, AMR, WMA, AAC, OGG, and WAV.
    • Converts all image files , including; JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.
    • MP4 files can support various devices , including iPod, iPhone, and Blackberry.
    • Supports formats such as RMVB and Watermark.
    Simple steps to download and merge videos

    The software comes with a simple user interface where you can click and drag your downloaded songs, videos or images. Simply launch the software, and at the home front, you can click on "select files"- this will automatically take you to your desktop where you can select the videos you want to merge. Once the files have been imported, simply click on "Convert" option and you will see your file options. You can then copy the converted files unto your device through the "Export" option

    • The software allows you to use “batch” video, audio and picture editing feature, this reduces time spent in downloading and converting files.
    • Functionality is simple and straightforward- it has an excellent user-interface.
    • it compresses sizes of larger files.
    • MediaJoin
    • The software seems to merge a limited type of different files, thus, not all types of files can be merged at the same time.
    • Supports few languages.
    • "This software is good but it can only merge few different types of files at a time"- Angelina, Ontario, Canada (Cnet.com reviews).
    • "Conversion of files are very simple and fast, it is one of the best video conversion software I have used in recent times"- John, Connecticut, USA (http://mediajoin.en.softonic.com reviews).
    Download link



    Merge Video: Video Toolbox


    Video Toolbox is a free software that incorporates some other media contents aside converting and downloading videos from different sources. It appears similar to other software such as Skype, and it can be used to make video calls in addition to converting files from one file format to another.

    • It is an advanced online file editor that cans converts, edit, crop and even record videos directly from different sources.
    • It works with MP4, AVI, MPG, and FLV.
    • It comes with diverse tools to edit and convert videos and audios.
    Steps to download and merge videos

    The user interface of this software comes with a file and edit page. Click on “File” to import videos from online or your computer, and then click on “Edit” to configure each video (You can configure as many videos at the same time). When done, mark the files and export them to your computer or any other attached device.

    • it works with diverse video sharing sites for mash-us.
    • It has a community that filters review and rate video contents.
    • Cannot convert MKV and AVI to MP4.
    • It only allows you store 300MB size of videos at a time.
    • Video Toolbox
    • "I find the software very useful but the limited 300MB of file space means I have to delete some video files" –Marcus , Capetown, SA ( Cnet.com reviews).
    • "quite intuitive. I like the fact that I can use the software to make video calls too and the user community is very helpful" – Emily, New York (softwarereviews.com)
    Download link



    Merge Video: HJSplit Video Converter


    HJSplit video converter simplifies the merging and downloading of videos from any source. It even allows you send your favourite videos via an email, regardless of the sizes of such videos.

    • It saves , download and convert videos from all formats.
    • It compresses videos to a size that can be sent via emails.
    Simple steps to download videos

    This software has a direct box where you can copy the videos download, therefore, simply launch the software, copy and paste the videos download and click on “import” and then "convert", to convert your video formats.

    • It retains video quality.
    • It has the ability to compress videos to smaller sizes.
    • HJSplit video converter
    • There is a limit to the number of videos you can download or convert with this software.
    • This converter is free and I think it performs the basic video conversion, perfectly – Elena, Montreal, Canada (Cnet.com reviews).
    • Download links sometimes break but it is perfect for video conversion – David, Colorado springs (afterdawn.com reviews).
    • I didn’t expect too much from this simple software, it has a friendly user interface that imports and converts videos instantly – O’Brien, Nantes, France (Cnet.com reviews).
    Download link



    Merge Video: Movica Video Converter


    With Movica video converter, you can join, split or edit videos in WMV, FLV, MP4 and many other formats

    • It works with all formats of videos, including; AVI, MP4, MP3, FLV, and WVM.
    • Comes with free video editing feature that allows you to change sounds, colour and size of videos.
    • It is a Windows-based video editor , available for free.
    • Movica video converter
    • It is one of the best rated video converters and editors, because of its ability to retain good quality of videos.
    • It has a simple user interface.
    • It is only Windows-based; therefore, it doesn’t work on other operating systems.
    • The video editor of this software allows me perform many things and that is what I like most about it – Jade, Boston, USA (techsupportalert.com reviews).
    • It allows me to burn my favourite videos on DVD without changing the video qualities. The sounds also remain the same – Monica, Texas, USA (Techradar.com reviews).
    Download link



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